Listening to rural voices and combatting classism in Woodland, NC.

In the second of three special episodes from northeastern North Carolina, Amelia speaks to Ashleigh Bryant Phillips about her hometown of Woodland, NC, how her writing has developed there, and why we should be listening to and cultivating the creativity of rural voices.

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And find:

Ashleigh’s writing here
More about Annie Hooper here
Ashleigh’s collaboration with Sam Leidig here
And Kiese Laymon’s Heavy (which Ashleigh also mentioned)

Fifty Feminist States considers accessibility to be incredibly important and recognizes that transcripts make podcasts more accessible to communities. While crowdfunded support allowed for complete transcripts of the first season to be readily available, that proved more challenging this season. If transcripts of the episodes would help make this podcast more accessible to you, please email for access to the rough drafts.


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